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How BetCoBit free mobile top-up lottery works?

how betcobit free mobile top up lottery works

(A) Free mobile top-up lottery

Anybody can participate in the BetCoBit mobile top-up lottery for free without registration or login. Firstly, choose your six-digit lottery number and add your prepaid mobile number. Lottery draws are twice a month. Total 1199 numbers will be winners.

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That means 1199 lottery numbers are the winner, not the mobile numbers and the same lottery numbers can have many people. We take mobile numbers, so we can pay your prize as a mobile recharge. After the lottery draw, if you win, your given mobile number will receive the prize.

(B) The prize of the top-up mobile lottery

Mobile top-up lottery prize depends on the country of the given mobile number because transaction charges usually are different from one country to another. Generally, you will receive a balance of $10 to $50 maximum.

Should we increase the prize?x

(C) How to know that I have won a prize?

We always post a list of winners that you can see. If your number appears in the lottery draw list, that means you have won the prize.

(D) Claiming the prize after winning

After winning, the system usually automatically recharges your prepaid mobile number within two weeks. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. We don’t call and text if anyone calls you claiming that you have won a lottery never trust them. Concerning the delay experienced, contact our support team.

(E) Claiming free lottery in a different way

The second option is that when you don’t need a mobile recharge. You can make an account with us and contact our support team. BetCoBit support team will ask for your prepaid mobile number and send you a verification code and list your mobile number. This verification is only one time.¬†After verification, you will get your prize into your account of BetCoBit each time you win.

Note:- Only one number can associate with one account. Moreover, one mobile number can participate twice a month.

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