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How does BetCoBit money exchange work?

how does betcobit money exchange work

Purpose of BetCoBit money exchange

BetCoBit account you can add money by using only cryptocurrency, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH. Watch how to add money into a BetCoBit account using cryptocurrency.

Money exchange is for those who don’t use cryptocurrency. You can add money to your BetCoBit account by using other payment gateways.

How does this work?

You see our verified users from your countries on the money exchange page. You can search for someone from a country, or you can see all users and read their payment methods.

Once you see your preferred payment methods you can contact them. They are going to add money into your BetCoBit account with a 5% fee only.

For contact, you just need to copy the username and go to chats and click ‘start new conversation’ and paste the username and start a conversation. Learn more about how does BetCoBit chat work?

After you give money to the payment processor, send them the proof of payment. After they confirm the payment, they add money to your account. Any problem during this, contact BetCoBit support team.

Note: Customer safety is our first priority. Only you can contact them if someone contacts you to ask to add money into your account complain to us right away. Always keep payment proof if something went wrong support team would require it. Moreover, the support team would send you a message if you failed to add money to your account.

Other ways to add money into BetCoBit account.

You don’t want to contact any third party and still want to add money. Then you can directly chat with our support team. BetCoBit support team will help you to add money to your BetCoBit account by using your local payment methods. Service charges would be the same 5% and there would be some amount limits.

Note: This is money exchange place only purpose to add money into your BetCoBit account. A cryptocurrency exchange is different. Learn here: how does BetCoBit cryptocurrency exchange work?

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