How does the BetCoBit referral program work

BetCoBit Referral Program

Amy Cabrera

How does the BetCoBit referral program work?

The BetCoBit referral program is an affiliate program that allows registered users to earn commissions by promoting BetCoBit services and referring new users to the website. Here is how it works:

  1. Affiliates sign up for the referral program on the BetCoBit website.

  2. Upon signing up, affiliates receive a unique referral link that they can use to promote BetCoBit services.

  3. Affiliates use this referral link to refer visitors to the BetCoBit website. The referral link can be promoted on social media or blogs.

  4. The system tracks the referral when a visitor clicks on the referral link and completes an action (such as making a purchase or signing up). It generates a commission for the affiliate who referred the visitor.

  5. The commission earned by the affiliate is a percentage of the referred visitor's transaction amount, varying based on the affiliate's referral level (Basic, Pro, or Boss). The commission rates are as follows:

  • Basic: 1%
  • Pro: 1.10%
  • Boss: 1.50%
  1. The earned commission is lifetime and will be paid to the affiliate until the referred user uses BetCoBit services.

  2. If the referred user uses their referral link to refer other users, the affiliate will receive a share of the commission for those users' lifetime.

  3. Affiliates can withdraw their earned money with PayPal or Cryptocurrency, with a minimum withdrawal amount of 50 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BetCoBit referral program has three commission levels: Basic, Pro, and Boss. The commission rate varies based on the level, with Basic paying 1%, Pro paying 1.10%, and Boss paying 1.50%.

Affiliates can promote BetCoBit by using a unique referral link or URL that includes their ID or username. They can then share this link with others through various channels, such as social media, blogs or email.

Yes, affiliates can be assured of anonymity when using the BetCoBit referral system. The system tracks referrals using unique referral links that are assigned to each affiliate, and these links do not reveal the identity of the affiliate to the user who clicks on the link. Additionally, BetCoBit does not share affiliate information with third parties, so affiliates can be confident that their personal information will remain private. Moreover, BetCoBit does not require affiliates to provide personal information such as their name, address, or phone number to participate in the referral program.

Referral earnings in the BetCoBit referral program last for the lifetime of the referral.

Affiliates earn commissions for the lifetime of their referral users of BetCoBit services. This means that as long as a referred user continues to use BetCoBit services, the original affiliate will receive a commission on any purchases made by that user.

Moreover, affiliates can encourage their referred users to refer others to BetCoBit using their own referral link, which can result in additional commissions for the original affiliate. This means that affiliates can potentially earn commissions on multiple levels of referrals, as long as their referrals continue to use the service and refer others to it.


Yes, any registered BetCoBit user can participate in the referral program at the Basic level.

To reach the Pro level in the BetCoBit referral program, an affiliate must refer 10,000 users. To reach the Boss level, an affiliate must refer 100,000 users.

Affiliates can withdraw earned money from the BetCoBit program through PayPal or cryptocurrency.

The minimum withdrawal amount for money earned through the BetCoBit program is $50 USD.

If you want to become a BetCoBit affiliate and earn commissions through our referral program, sign up today! It is free and easy, and you can start earning right away. Don't miss this opportunity to earn lifetime commissions and join the BetCoBit community.

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