How to send money anonymously

How to send money anonymously?

What is an anonymous money transfer service? Anonymous money transfer is where you can send money to someone without revealing your identity. One of the essential things to protect your digital privacy is to pay for products and services online

How does betcobit cryptocurrency exchange work

How does BetCoBit cryptocurrency exchange work?

You can trade your cryptocurrency BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, and ETH with BetCoBit hassle-free. Convert your Cryptocurrency into real money Step 1: Add your cryptocurrency to your BetCoBit account. Watch how to add money into a BetCoBit account using cryptocurrency. This

how does betcobit chat work

How does BetCoBit chat work?

Purpose of BetCoBit chat These are three purposes of BetCoBit chat. Contact with BetCoBit support team for any help. Receive important notifications. BetCoBit provides many withdrawal payment methods. We always send messages for details of the withdrawal money. For example,

how betcobit free mobile top up lottery works

How BetCoBit free mobile top-up lottery works?

(A) Free mobile top-up lottery Anybody can participate in the BetCoBit mobile top-up lottery for free without registration or login. Firstly, choose your six-digit lottery number and add your prepaid mobile number. Lottery draws are twice a month. Total 1199

betcobit scratch card lottery

How BetCoBit Scratch Card Lottery Works?

BetCoBit scratch card lottery is a unique online scratch card lottery. Before start playing scratch cards learn how BetCoBit scratch card lottery works? First of all, sign up and after login, you can see your BetCoBit account dashboard. You can

14 thoughts on “How to send money anonymously?

  1. So I can receive money for work I do via wire transfer to my account? How much can I hold in my account? How we we withdraw or can use your savings?

    1. You can receive money for your work from any BetCoBit user. It is just like PayPal, you can send and receive money by using the email address that is associated with your BetCoBit account. Also, there is no maximum limit to hold money. You can hold money as much as you want.

      Moreover, you can withdraw your money by using different payment gateways including, Bitcoin, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Wise, etc.

      Till today 1-February-2022 saving account is not available but the saving account is in the near future plan.

  2. To add money to betcobit account can I use the following methods.?

    BankTransfer, TransferWise, WesternUnion, BitCoins, Mobile Recharge, Ria, Paytm, Swish, Skrill, MoneyGram, Payoneer

    1. The fastest way to add money to your BetCoBit account is Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, and Lite Coin. In some rare cases or BetCoBit regular users, we may accept payments with Bank Transfer, Transferwsie, Western Union, and Money Gram. You can contact the support team to add money with these payment methods. We charge a 5% fee and limits would apply.

  3. I already have an account with betcobit but can a receiver receive money if he doesn’t have betcobit account? If he has to make an account with betcobit then can I put his details during the withdrawal request this way he can receive the money directly from my account.

    1. A sender and a receiver both should have an account with BetCoBit to transfer money anonymously. We don’t do verification and you can ask your friend to register an account with BetCoBit, it will take only 1 minute.

      Moreover, just in case you withdraw money in a third person name and something went wrong then we don’t take any responsibility because all transactions are irrevocable. Also, making withdrawal requests with different names may flag your account for manipulation of our system. Until now 15-January-2022 we don’t verify your withdrawal details and always rely on user-provided details. That’s why always double-check withdrawal details before making a withdrawal request.

  4. I have been trying to find a way to give someone money anonymously. Any place I went they asked for verification’s. I tried with cryptocurrency but each wallet provider ask for a mobile number and verification’s. Will BetCoBit ask me anything like that? How to give someone money anonymously? How would I be sure that BetCoBit is a 100% anonymous money transfer?

    1. Firstly, you can make cryptocurrency wallets with BetCoBit there is no verification process required. visit crypto. Secondly, If you want to give someone money anonymously online, then you have to use an anonymous money transfer provider like BetCoBit. You can send and receive money anonymously with BetCoBit. Moreover, many factors that make BetCoBit 100% anonymous money transfer include not asking for verification, removing footprint from cryptocurrency, receiver would never knowing who sends money, and cryptocurrency as a withdrawal payment method.

  5. What payment gateways are available

    1. You can add money with cryptocurrency and for withdrawal, we are providing many payment gateways including, bank transfer, PayPal, cryptocurrency, Revoult, wise, WesternUnion, Skrill, MoneyGram, Swish, Paytm, Payoneer.

  6. After transfer money anonymously, How many charges apply for the receiver?

    1. Charges apply to the sender only.

  7. How much time it will take to send money anonymously to my friend? Does he require additional credit card verification or anything like that?

    1. BetCoBit doesn’t hold money for any verification. Within just a blink of an eye, the beneficiary receives money. We don’t verify credit cards and neither ask for bank account verification. After receiving the money receiver can go to the withdrawal section and provide withdrawal details. We don’t verify withdrawal details either and rely on customer-provided information.

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