All Lottery Draws

Frequently Asked Questions

All lottery draws occur twice a month, on the 1st and 16th of each month. You can also observe the timer counting down and track how many days are left until the next draw.

These are the reasons why your number may be rejected before the draw:

  • Having more or fewer digits than the required.
  • Exceeding the limited number. Gold and Dimond numbers have a maximum limit.

Note:- Your money will be refunded immediately to your account.

These limits apply to the silver, gold, and diamond lotteries:

  1. The silver lottery allows you to buy unlimited numbers, with the option to choose the same numbers for a minimum bet of $1.
  2. The gold lottery allows you to buy ten numbers, with the option to choose the same numbers for a fixed bet of $50.
  3. The diamond lottery allows you to buy three numbers, with the option to choose the same numbers for a fixed bet of $100.

Your lottery numbers are only valid until the upcoming draw. After the prize announcement, your lottery number will be moved to the list of previous numbers and will not be considered for future draws. You must purchase a new number to participate in the upcoming draw.

We consider each number individually, so you are eligible for a prize for each number you bet. For example, let's say you participate in the silver lottery and bet on 12345 with $5. Then, you bet another $10 on the same number 12345. If this number wins the first prize, you will receive the prize amount twice, with two separate transactions.

First transaction: $5 x $10,000 = $50,000 - $1,250 (2.5% transaction fee) = $48,750.
Second transaction: $10 x $10,000 = $100,000 - $2,500 (2.5% transaction fee) = $97,500.

BetCoBit system is a transparent system. You can view the lottery draws and if your number appears in the draw, it means you have won.

After the lottery draw, NO ACTION IS REQUIRED. You will receive your prize amount automatically in your BetCoBit account within 7 working days. Typically, we pay within five working days, but seven days is the maximum. If you have not received the prize amount after that period, you should contact the BetCoBit support team.