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Anonymous Money Transfer & Win BetCoBit lottery with one easy account

Sliver Lottery

The silver lottery allows you to take many numbers you want with a minimum bet of $1. Choose 5 digit numbers. The first prize is (your bet X $10,000)

Gold Lottery

The gold lottery allows you to choose 4-digit numbers with limits of 10 maximum numbers with a fixed price of $50.  The total prize for one number is $120,000

Diamond Lottery

The diamond lottery allows you to choose three-digit numbers. Maximum three numbers allow at a fixed price of $100 each. The total prize for one number is $1.2million

World's first 3-digit number lottery with a prize of $1.2 million 

BetCoBit lottery algorithm that matches all lotteries equally and easily. No complex big numbers. The easiest and simplest three-digit number is 123 and you win. Our 3 digit lottery system ensures the highest payout.

Scratch card lottery 

BetCoBit provides a way to try and get an instant win. You don't have to wait for the next lottery draw. Four different colors of scratch cards with different prices and prizes.

Free lottery

After a win, you receive a recharge on your prepaid mobile number.

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  • No Login
  • No Credit Card

Anonymous money transfer

You can send money anonymously to anyone quickly and easily, with just an email address. No verification is required. Lowest transfer fee with the guarantee of 100% anonymity.

Get instant spend notifications

Whether you are sending money to someone or participating in a lottery you get instant spend notifications so you can keep track of all your transactions.

Crypto currency wallets with swap

Creat cryptocurrency wallets with a double layer of protection. You can create three different types of wallets.

1. Simple wallet for regular use.
2. Wallet with pin code each transaction requires a pin code.
3. Multisignature wallets or joint wallets, each transaction requires authorization of the second owner or device.


Crypto currency Exchange

Change cryptocurrency into real money. After depositing cryptocurrency into your BetCoBit account withdraw with different payment methods.

Suitable withdrawal methods

Withdraw your money anytime with local famous payment methods Bank transfers, PayPal, TransferWise, Paytm, and many more.

You will get what you have

BetCoBit is allowing you to save your risk of losing money. Even the next day cryptocurrency value becomes zero. You will get the money that you have in your BetCoBit account. This is because after adding cryptocurrency to your BetCoBit account becomes stable right away.

At the same time, you can win big prizes by playing the lottery. You can withdraw your money by using cryptocurrency or other payment methods. No identification requires.

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