Add money to BetCoBit account

Amy Cabrera

How can I add money to my BetCoBit account?

Add Money to the BetCoBit account using cryptocurrency follow the given instructions below.

  • Click "Add Money" button
  • Enter amount
  • Click "Add"

how can I add money to my betcobit account

 After clicking the "Add" button will redirect to another page to choose your preferred cryptocurrency. We support BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, and ETH.

  • Select your cryptocurrency
  • Click Pay Now!

How can I add money to my betcobit account

 After clicking "Pay Now" will redirect to the payment section. In this section, you can see the respective coin amount and address.

You can copy the amount and address to your wallet and pay the exact amount. Or click open in the wallet will redirect to your wallet and fill the amount and address for you.

how can i add money to my betcobit account

 After paying the amount back to this tab.

Note:- Don't close this tab unless you see the success message. It may take 1 to 2 minutes to confirm the transaction on the payment system.

how can I add money to my betcobit account

How can I add money to my BetCoBit account with debit/credit cards?

Adding money with a debit or credit card is possible using a third party because of anonymity. We provide a 100% anonymous money transfer guarantee.

 Debit cards require verification and we have to keep a record of transactions that can track back to your identity.

Therefore, we can't provide a direct checkout with debit cards. That is why you can use a third party to add money to your BetCoBit account using debit/credit cards.

Please follow the instructions given below to add money with debit cards.

  • Buy cryptocurrency from any website that allows debit cards.
  • Use that cryptocurrency to add money to your account.

 We are aware of that all debit card cryptocurrency purchase sites require KYC (verification). Don't worry about third-party verification. After adding money to your BetCoBit account, we remove all footprints from the transaction.

buy Ethereum with debit card
  • Go to the crypto section.
  • Click "Deposit".
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  • Now click "buy using credit cards".
  • A new page will open itez that is our partner company.
betcobit crypto section

Itez available only in a few countries. If it is not working in your country then try CoinGate.

After you have cryptocurrency in your wallet use that cryptocurrency to add money to your BetCoBit account.

Add money to the BetCoBit account using other payment methods

BetCoBit allows adding money with other payment methods including PayPal, BankTransfer, WesternUnion, Wise, etc.

For use of other payment methods, BetCoBit users must contact our support team. We can't provide the detail once on site.

We have payment processors worldwide and we will provide you payment method details unique each time to keep the anonymity of the BetCoBit user.

Note:- BetCoBit users must have a few transactions in account to use this service.

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