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How to send money anonymously?

How to send money anonymously

What is an anonymous money transfer service?

Anonymous money transfer is where you can send money to someone without revealing your identity. One of the essential things to protect your digital privacy is to pay for products and services online anonymously. Generally, when you are sending money to someone, you need to give accurate personal information. But every person has the right to keep their personal and financial information masked for their safety. Some people use it to save taxes, but there are several reasons behind doing this action.

Moreover, many online money transfers claim that you can send money anonymously, but they always force verifications. You would transfer money by using your email address, but they associate your identity with your email address. They know who you are and where are you from. So, you can send money anonymously only if they won’t ask you for any verification.
Can I use Bitcoins to transfer money anonymously?
Cryptocurrency is known as a digital currency. Its decentralized structure keeps it out of the range of governing authorities. There are several coins in the cryptocurrency most popular ones are bitcoin and Etherium. 

It is a myth that Bitcoin is an anonymous money transfer, but it is not. Bitcoins keep a record of your transactions. Your IP address is associated with your wallet address or transaction. Bitcoin transactions are publicly available.

Also, almost all wallet providers would ask your identity verification to have wallets. Once you reveal your identity you won’t be anonymous anymore. Wallet providers first let you make a Bitcoin wallet and later they force you for verification. If you won’t connect your wallet with your identity, they freeze your account.

Similarly, many bitcoin scrambler services are available to disconnect bitcoin holders from sender and receiver transactions. But most of them are fraudulent, after you deposit your cryptocurrency, you won’t see them back. Even you find the right scrambler, charges are huge.

Moreover, there are several coins in cryptocurrency; not everyone uses Bitcoin. After receiving Bitcoins you don’t know the next second your Bitcoin value would be 0. While their bubble burst and people lose their hard-earned money.


  1. Hard to associate a transaction with you.
  2. You can make many wallets.


    1. All transactions are publicly available.
    2. Bitcoin wallet providers ask for verifications.
    3. Bitcoins are unstable currency. High chances of losing money.
    4. Not all people use Bitcoins.
    5. Convert bitcoins into real money big hassle and extra charges.

What is the solution for anonymous money transfer?

BetCoBit is the solution for anonymous money transfers. Many reasons people want to remain anonymous and that is why they are trying to use cryptocurrency. BetCoBit becomes a middle person who handles your cryptocurrency. These are the factors making BetCoBit the best anonymous money transfer service.

  • BetCoBit will never ask for any verification.
  • BetCoBit wouldn’t close your account because of identity verification.
  • You can add money to your BetCoBit account using cryptocurrency.
  • BetCoBit disconnects you from your Bitcoin transactions and removes your footprints. 
  • The receiver would never know the email of the sender.
  • Money can be withdrawable by your choice of payment gateways.
  • Your money becomes stable right away after adding to your BetCoBit account. Even Bitcoin value decrease, you won’t lose.

How BetCoBit anonymous money transfer works?

BetCoBit provides you with more cheap and fast money transfer solutions. Here are the three steps you can send money anonymously to anyone.

betcobit anonymous money transfer

Step 1: Add money to your BetCoBit account by using cryptocurrency or contact the BetCoBit support team if your choice of cryptocurrency is not there. BetCoBit support team will provide details according to your choice.

Step 2: Ask the email address from the beneficiary that email should be associated with the BetCoBit account. That means the receiver must have a BetCoBit account to receive money.

Step3: Go to the money transfer section and enter the beneficiary email address and the amount and your transaction comment. We give an option for transaction comments because the receiver would never know who send money. So, you can write your name or reference.

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22 days ago

After transfer money anonymously, How many charges apply for the receiver?

22 days ago
Reply to  Howard

Charges apply to the sender only.

Donald Drago
Donald Drago
27 days ago

How much time it will take to send money anonymously to my friend? Does he require additional credit card verification or anything like that?

27 days ago
Reply to  Donald Drago

BetCoBit doesn’t hold money for any verification. Within just a blink of an eye, the beneficiary receives money. We don’t verify credit cards and neither ask for bank account verification. After receiving the money receiver can go to the withdrawal section and provide withdrawal details. We don’t verify withdrawal details either and rely on customer-provided information.