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How does BetCoBit cryptocurrency exchange Work?

BetCoBit is a unique cryptocurrency exchange compared to all traditional exchanges. You can trade your cryptocurrency BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, and ETH with BetCoBit hassle-free. Please follow the given steps below.

Convert your Cryptocurrency into real money

Step 1: Add your cryptocurrency to your BetCoBit account. Learn (How can I add money to my BetCoBit account?)

This way you can see the value of the cryptocurrency with real money. You can add money by using your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, and DASH.

Step 2: Go to the withdrawal section and set your withdrawal details. Choose a preferred payment method that you want to convert your cryptocurrency into real money.

Service charges are the following.

  • Bank Transfer = 9%
  • PayPal = 5%
  • Cryptocurrency = 3%
  • Wise, Western Union, Alipay, Skrill, Revolt, Swish, MoneyGram, Paytm, Payoneer, Yandex. Money = 9.5%

Final step: We make payments as soon as possible. So, check your inbox frequently. We send payment proof or further money-receiving details like MTCN (money transfer control number) for Western Union, etc.

Convert your money into cryptocurrency

Step 1: Add money into your BetCoBit account.

Step 2: Withdraw your money with your preferred cryptocurrency LTC, DASH, ETH, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Service charges are 3% only, including the miner’s fees. For Bitcoin service charges are 3% + transaction fee (miners fee).

Lastly, you receive your cryptocurrency in your given wallet. If you don’t have a wallet just create one with us. Got to the crypto section.

Note: During cryptocurrency exchange, if you need any help contact the BetCoBit support team in the Chat section.

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