Common Asked Questions.

BetCoBit is an anonymous payment system to send and receive money anonymously (No VERIFICATION REQUIRE). Also, BetCoBit is a cryptocurrency-based e-lottery service. Where around a million users are participating in numbers lottery scratch card lottery and free mobile top-up lottery.

Moreover, BetCoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange. You can sell your cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH) for real money.

Similarly, BetCoBit is a BTC + ETH wallet provider and cryptocurrency instant swap service, provider. You can swap your cryptocurrency instantly from one to another.


A bundle of factors makes BetCoBit service better than other BitCoin lotteries.

  • First BitCoin lottery allowing you to purchase a three-digit lottery number with a prize of $1.2 million.
  • Many payment methods for withdrawing money and add money.
  • Free mobile top-up lottery. Anyone can participate. No need to sign up.
  • BetCoBit has its own payment system. Even next day BitCoin value becomes zero, you are going to get what you have in your account.
  • You can transfer money to other BetCoBit users. With email address 100% anonymous just like PayPal but we never ask for verification.
  • BetCoBit lottery draws are twice a month without delay.
  • World's best transparent lottery system ever. 
  • Bitcoin Scratch card lottery. With an instant win and instant claim prize policy.
  • Ease of use.

There are several reasons BetCoBit is the best anonymous money transfer.

  • We don't force you to verify your identity.
  • We don't hold your money or won't freeze your account. Your account and your money belong to you.  You have full freedom to use your money the way you want.
  • 100% anonymity guarantee. You can add money to your account by using cryptocurrency.
  • You can send money anonymously with the lowest fee of 2.5% only.
  • Local Withdrawl payment methods.

The world's simplest three-digit numbers lottery makes BetCoBit unique. We use cryptocurrency and other many different payout methods. BetCoBit converts your cryptocurrency into real money worldwide.

No, Your money belongs to you and we have no right to hold it. Even your account has been frozen you will be able to withdraw your money normally as you were withdrawing before.

Once you transfer money to someone it is simply impossible to reverse. So, think before transferring money and double-check the email of the beneficiary. Money transfer can be revokable with these conditions. 

  • You accidentally transfer money to another user of BetCoBit while you were trying to send money to someone else. In this case, contact the support team as soon as possible.

Note:-  BetCoBit support team will require good reason and proof.

There may other reasons for rejection withdrawal but these are the most common reasons.

  • Payment method not supported.
  • The small amount can not work with your requested payment method.
  • A big amount that you should not withdraw by that payment method example a $1000 mobile top-up.
  • Huge amount of withdrawal requests in one transaction. That may put you in trouble in your receiving country.


The solution is simple your withdrawal request won't reject just consider these things.

  • Always use cryptocurrency as a withdrawal method 99.99% acceptance rate.
  • Once a withdrawal request cancels apply again with different amounts and different payment methods.
  • The final solution is to contact our support team for help.

Numbers Lottery Questions

All lottery draws are twice a month each month on dates 1 and 16. You can also see the timmer running and see how many days are remaining for a draw.

Yes, these are the reasons your number can be rejected before the draw.

  • More than or less than the required digits.
  • More than a limited number. Gold and Dimond numbers have a limit.

Note:- Your money will be refunded right away into your account.

Your lottery numbers are only valid until the upcoming draw. After the prize announcement, your lottery number will move to previous numbers, and will never consider again for the upcoming draws. You always need to buy a new number to participate in the upcoming draw.

These limits apply to silver, gold, and diamond lottery.

The silver lottery allows you to buy unlimited numbers. You are allowed to choose the same numbers with a minimum bet of $1.

The gold lottery allows you to buy ten numbers same numbers allow with a fixed bet of $50.

The diamond lottery allows you to buy three numbers same numbers allow with a fixed bet of $100.

We consider each number individually. So, you are going to get a prize for each number. For example, you participate in the silver lottery and bet a number 12345 in the amount of $5. Similarly, you bet $10 same number 12345. If this number wins the first prize you will get the prize amount twice with two transactions.

First transaction $5 X $10,000=$50,000-$1250(2.5% transaction fee)=$48750.

Second transaction $10 X $10,000=$100,000-$2500(2.5% transaction fee)=$97500

BetCoBit system is a transparent system. You can see the lottery draws. Your participated number appears in the draw, which means you have won.

After the lottery draw, NO ACTION REQUIRED. You will get your prize amount automatically in your BetCoBit account within 7 working days. Typically we pay within five working days but seven days are maximum. After that period, if you have not received the prize amount you should contact the BetCoBit support team.

Scratch Card Lottery Questions

BetCoBit scratch card lottery is an E-lottery you can purchase instantly and win instantly. This scratch card lottery is specifically designed for people who can't wait for the draws and want to win instantly.

After login into your BetCoBit account choose your scratch card and click buy once you purchased successfully you need to scratch your card. If you win a prize you will see a code. Copy code and click claim. After clicking claim, you will see a box where you can paste your number and click claim. Instantly money is available in your account and ready for use. Learn More

You can see your recently purchased cards in the My Purchased Cards section. Or contact the BetCoBit support team.

No, the scratch card lottery is non-refundable because it works instantly. You must think before purchasing. Moreover, we always ask to confirm before purchasing a scratch card.

You can see your recently purchased cards in the My Purchased Cards section. Or contact the BetCoBit support team.

You can contact our support team we will recover your scratch card lottery number.

BetCoBit Cryptocurrency Questions

BetCoBit, web wallet is non-custodial. BetCoBit servers and staff never see your private key(s). Your crypto is protected by cryptography inside your web browser.

BetCoBit doesn’t collect any personal information, and we don’t use any tracking services such as Google Analytics. We treat your privacy with the utmost respect.

No, we don't require account verification. We only collect the information you have presented on sign-up.

Cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible. There is no way to recover transactions sent to the wrong address. It is important to always check the wallet address before sending.

After you sign up, it is important to save your wallet's private keys. If you forget your password or if BetCoBit were to ever go offline for some reason - you can still access your wallet using these private keys.

Your private keys are stored in your browser that is why even you change your account you can access your previous wallets. 

If you change your device or you have multiple BetCoBit users on the same device, then you should delete browser data. Also, pin protected wallet gives additional security to your cryptocurrency wallets.

We are providing cryptocurrency wallets with utmost security. Your private keys are stored in your browser that is why after changing your device or browser you see there are no wallets. You can restore them within 2 minutes. Click sometimes on create wallets and refresh pages it won't create the new wallets but recover all your previous wallets.

A multi-signature wallet ("multisig" for short) is a cryptocurrency wallet that requires two or more private keys to sign and send a transaction.

We don't charge a fee for you to withdraw from your wallet. You will however need to pay a network fee, which will be paid directly to miners of the respective blockchain to process your transaction.

Please get in touch by support chat. We will be happy to answer any questions.